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  • The battery monitor in the van will start to beep once it drains to a certain percentage. We typically set the monitors to beep after the van hits 25%. If your van starts beeping before it has drained to 25%, you can go into the monitor and reset the percentage at which it starts beeping.

  • Beeping may also be caused by running the hot water heater and using the microwave at the same time. To fix, flip the red breaker in the back of the van on and off.

  • If you hear beeping that is unrelated to these issues, go to the back of the van and slip the system breaker on and off

Microwave or Outlets Stopped Working

  • Go into the fusebox on the rear passenger side wheel well box and check the breakers. Make sure to keep the hot water breaker off when using the microwave and vice versa. Also check your fuses to see if one has blown, and replace if necessary. 
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfXTU1YYorQ

Circuit Not Operating Properly

  • Check the fuse panel in the back of the van. Pull out and reinsert all fuses one by one, check each to see if it is blown. If blown, you'll see that the little wire inside has broken in two pieces.

Air Cooler

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