How To Winterize Your Vehicle

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1. Drain the water tank. The dump valve is located behind the outdoor shower fixture in the bottom of the water box.

2. Remove the fresh water filter from under the sink and reconnect the lines.

3. Remove the hot water heater through the access door, tip it upside down to drain, and store at room temperature.

4. Bypass the hot water heater using the supplied pex tubing located in the electrical box. This will go through all the plumbing components in exception to the fresh water tank. Be sure you do not skip this step.

5. Turn on the water pump.

6. Turn on the sink, showers, and flush the toilet until all the water is drained our of the lines.

7. Turn off the sink and showers.

8. Hook up the antifreeze to the antifreeze inlet inside the water box.

9. Run antifreeze through your lines by opening the sink, showers, and toilet. Run until all colored antifreeze comes out of all the systems. Open each fixture individually in sequence.

10. Leave antifreeze in the lines and store for the winter.

11. Disconnect the auxiliary batteries and remove them from the vehicle. Store the batteries somewhere they won't freeze.

12. Check all roof seals for signs of aging or holes. Replace seals if needed.

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